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Boy Talk

Erin Biggart
From NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 24 No. 5, September-October 2007, pp. 204

Recently I have been getting critical comments and questions about my eight-month-old twin sons, Cole and Ty. "How long do you plan on nursing those two?!" I just answer, "Well, at least 12 months or so," and change the subject. I don't want the mamas making these comments to feel criticized by a "breast is best!" debate. (Even though it is!) I plan to nurse my sons until they self wean. I just can't fathom the idea of giving them anything other than my milk -- human babies were meant to get milk from humans.

The coolest thing happened yesterday. My dear husband got a tattoo of the boys' names on his back for his birthday, and our sons were with us. Of course, I was holding Ty and he was "going for the goods" through my shirt. The tattoo guy noticed and smiled and said, "I have a 10-month-old and he does the same thing to my wife! That's so great that you are still breastfeeding. Did you know breastfeeding gives babies antibodies, and increases their IQ?" He continued to list off about 10 benefits of breastfeeding! The other guys in the shop just looked at him like, "What?"

The tattoo artist and my husband had a five-minute conversation about their children saying they are never sick and are very smart -- they credited this to breastfeeding! All in the middle of a tattoo parlor. What a proud moment.

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